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Royals After-School Program

St. Thomas the Apostle School – Royals After-School Program

Information Sheet, 2023-24

Hours of operation: Dismissal Time until 6:00 p.m.

Location: School Multipurpose Room and Schoolyard

Registration Fee: 

$35 per family, one-time and non-refundable.
Every family will be charged a registration fee after the second date of service. 

Monthly Fee Schedule:

1 student = $100 2 students = $130 3 students =$160

Monthly Fees are due by the 1st of each month in cash, check, or via FACTS. 

If setting up payments via FACTS, please contact Ms. Estrella at office@saintthomasla.org. 

Ensure you notify Ms. B of any payments made through FACTS to reflect new balances in your After-school account at afterschool@saintthomasla.org.

Additional Fees:

Drop-in Fee = $9 per student per day.
Students on campus 15 minutes after dismissal will be placed in After-school unless involved in an after-school activity. Guardians have a 10-minute grace period after any after-school activities to pick up students before being charged for After-school, with no exceptions.

After-Hour Fee: $10 per student for every 15 minutes or fraction thereof after 6:00 pm, that guardian is late to pick up student(s). Payable immediately in cash or by check.

Late Pick-Up Fee: $15 per student picked up 15 minutes after dismissal on days without after-school programming, including the Royals Afterschool Program

Late Payment Fee:  $30, added to outstanding balances after the 10th of each month

Returned Payment Fee: $25, applied to any checks that do not clear the bank

Behavior code: Students are held accountable for maintaining good behavior. School rules and policies apply to all after-school programs. Students and parents must abide by the policies outlined in our Parent-Student Handbook.

Pick-up Procedure: Students must be picked up by a guardian 18 years or older. Guardians will use the pedestrian or driveway call boxes to have students escorted to the pick-up location. A member of the Afterschool Staff will fill out the attendance sheet with the student pick-up time, Guardian’s relationship to students, and signature. This facilitates the assurance of the safety and accountability of all students during after-school hours.

Snacks: Students must bring their snacks and water. Students are strongly encouraged to pack an extra lunch, snack, and water on early dismissal days. They may not request reheating or hot water for lunches or snacks. After-school staff will accept snack and water donations throughout the school year.

Donations: Any donations of games, snacks, supplies, and toys are appreciated and will be eligible for service hours. Please submit your receipt with your student’s name written to the After-school staff.

*Overdue Balances: Any family with an account one month past due may only stay in the After-school Program once the balance clears. After-school staff will attempt to reach the student’s guardians and emergency contacts to arrange pick-up or payment.

*2022–2023 BALANCES: If you still need to clear a balance from the 22-23 school year, please make arrangements to clear that amount before enrolling in the After-school Program this year.

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