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Saint Thomas the Apostle School offers a rigorous academic program in all subject areas recommended by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the State of California. To view the Archdiocese’s Guidelines for Elementary School Curriculum click here »

As we continue to implement Common Core Standards, our teachers receive regular professional development training to provide research based methods to improve their practice.

Our competitive curricular program emphasizes that graduates of St. Thomas the Apostle School are capable of being:

  1. People of Faith who:
    • Pray everyday
    • Are loving, serve, and follow the footsteps of Jesus
    • Are proud of their faith and share it with others
    • Understand and participate in the teaching and traditions of the Catholic Church
  2. Effective Communicators who:
    • Speak Well
    • Listen to others
    • Write ideas clearly
    • Read with understanding and enjoyment
    • Use learned vocabulary
  3. Responsible Citizens who:
    • Make good choices
    • Are humble and modest
    • Accept accountability for their actions
    • Do their best
    • Are peacemakers
  4. Lifelong learners who:
    • Are aware of their place in the world
    • Cooperate with others
    • Make healthy choices for their mind and body
    • Responsibly use technology to learn
    • Recognize that everyone is equal in God’s eyes
  5. Critical thinkers who:
    • Are problem solvers
    • Develop independence in learning
    • Are able to apply knowledge, skills, and resources
    • Think for themselves
    • Think about the consequences of their actions

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