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Annual St. Thomas Art Gallery

For the past two years, St. Thomas has transformed the Monsignor Jarlath Cunnane Hall into its very own art gallery space. Students from Kinder through 8th grade proudly displayed their work, which was available for purchase. Every student is provided with the supplies for their individual project and encouraged to use their creativity and create a piece meaningful to them.

Students, parents, alumni, and supporters make this event special for our school community and we look forward to this upcoming school year’s art exhibition. Please check back for more information!

Studio Sessions at St. Sophia

St. Thomas is one of the participating schools in Studio Sessions at St. Sophia in partnership with the UCLA Visual and Performing Arts Education (VAPAE) program. Students from 6th-8th grade are given the opportunity to participate in free after school arts education workshops.

The UCLA VAPAE Studio Sessions at St. Sophia’s gives youth the tools and support they need in order to grow as artists and creative human beings. Students learn to connect their life experiences with an arts practice in a supportive, constructive environment.

The curriculum for the UCLA VAPAE Studio Sessions explores the theme of space and its relation to self. Students investigate physical spaces through art while developing new ways of perceiving the world around them.

By encouraging students to find their own visual language, inspiration from their surroundings, and understanding of the larger world of art and creativity, Studio Sessions at St. Sophia’s seeks to inspire a creative arts practice that will continue throughout the lives of the participants.

* If you have any questions on how your child could apply for the next session, please contact Ms. Vanessa Rivera at 323-737-4730.

UCLA VAPAE Resource Book 2016

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