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St. Thomas offers a variety of programs to help the formation of the whole child. Through these programs students are able to identify their gifts and talents as well as develop their leadership skills.


Counseling Services

Counseling Partners of Los Angeles (CPLA) offers a comprehensive school-based counseling program and support services, providing the tools, support and oversight essential to ensure the greatest opportunity for every student to grow toward their full potential emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially. There is no additional cost for counseling services as it is one of the programs offered by St. Thomas the Apostle School. The counselors see students that are referred by faculty, parents, and students themselves. Parents must sign a Release Form » authorizing students to be seen. Once the form has been signed, a counselor will get in touch with the parents.

You can also refer your child for any academic, social, or emotional concerns you may have by calling CPLA and asking to speak with a counselor »


Students who need additional support are given the opportunity to attend tutoring after school. Every teacher provides optional and mandatory tutoring depending on student’s grades. If your student is required to attend tutoring, attendance will be taken and enforced. Hours and days vary so please check in with your student’s teacher.

Title I

Additional language arts and mathematics support is offered to students who meet the requirements set by Title I. This service is provided during school hours. The Title I teacher works with the student’s classroom teacher to ensure that he/she is taken out of class during the most convenient time of the day. If you feel that your child may benefit from this type of support, please contact your student’s classroom teacher.

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