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The educational philosophy of St. Thomas the Apostle School is rooted in the idea that true education happens when we recognize each child as a unique creation of God.

Cornelia Connolly, the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus once said, “Equal treatment is not justice.” The root of this quote lies in the idea that God in His magnificence created us in His image, which is evident in each of our gifts and talents. We believe that the role of the teacher is to recognize the God given gifts in our students, help our students to recognize them in themselves and to teach them how to use their gifts and talents for the service of others. Therefore, it is our belief that to treat all students equally ignores God’s unique creation of the individual and would be an injustice to the magnificence of God’s inimitable creation. If we agree with Cornelia and in the magnificence of God’s creation then respect of the student as an individual should be at the center of education.

At St. Thomas the Apostle School we believe that creating a blessed community happens one child a time.

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