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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

At Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, we are creating a blessed community in the heart of Los Angeles, one child at a time.

  • Blessed is the school community where ALL members share equal responsibility in modeling Christ’s love, for theirs is a place where the dignity of all is valued and respected.
  • Blessed is the school that seeks God’s will, for they will grow to be followers of Jesus.
  • Blessed is the school that values Fine Arts, for the children will experience the value of individuality, creativity, and self-sufficiency.
  • Blessed is the community that values Catholic Education, for their gift is the gift of faith.
  • Blessed are those that support athletics, for they will build up our students to preserve in a difficult world.
  • Blessed are those who follow the 6 Pillars of Character, for they are building the Kingdom of God.
  • Blessed are those who love children unconditionally, for those children will grow to love unconditionally.
  • Blessed is the school community that appreciates diversity, for they will witness the strength of individuals to be leaders of a community.
  • Blessed is the school community that teaches children how they are smart, for theirs is a community with limitless possibilities.
  • Blessed is the community that prays together, for their song of praise will hold the school together.
  • Blessed are the alumni of Saint Thomas, for their gifts continually nourish the hungry.

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St. Thomas the Apostle School

2632 W. 15th Street
Los Angeles, California 90006
Phone: (323) 737-4730
Fax: (323) 737-6348
Office Mgr: Ms. Sagrario Estrella

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
7:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.